More of best of Cabo Spring Break 2014

I’ll be putting all of the best Cabo Spring Break videos I can find below. If you have a good video definitely send it to me in the “Contact ¬†Us” section

This video is pretty good, I wish it had more of the ridiculously good looking people who were there but it definitely reminds me of the awesome shit that goes down there:


Cabo – Hottest College Spring Break Location of 2014!!

I’ve seen a lot of college spring breaks but Cabo absolutely blew everywhere else out of water. Last week I (from Arizona State University) was there along with Texas Southern Methodist, and UT Austin. This week welcomes the students at University of Arizona and USC – I can only wish I stayed another week too.

I will post the best party videos from Cabo when they are up, until then, here is a teaser clip from the kind of shenanigans that went down at Mango deck (the day-time spring break headquarters):

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